XDefiant fans’ latest glimmer of cope is a leak purporting Tax Day release date

XDefiant fans, your day in the sun is about to come. Probably. Maybe. Who knows.

The latest form of copium for fans of Ubisoft’s first-person shooter à la classic Call of Duty games has come in the form of a leak that may or may not point to the game coming out on the same day that doubles as a last chance for Americans to file their income taxes.

A promotional screenshot of XDefiant
Where have you gone? Image via Ubisoft

A Ubisoft leaker by the name of Frax has found that XDefiant Founder’s Pack DLC are “set to be enabled” on April 15, which perhaps opens the door for the game to release on that day, or, at the very least, that week.

XDefiant was pretty fun when it was available, but it’s been a long, tumultuous time since the game’s beta ended. Since then, the title has been delayed multiple times out of supposed release windows, including “late summer” 2023 and then again in the winter, thanks to a variety of issues.

Some have gotten so desperate and excited that they have even formed an esports roster for the game without it even having an official release date, and with the last time anyone got a chance to play it being nine months ago.

Continuing development issues and delays aside, XDefiant has a devoted fanbase who are looking forward to its release, whenever it may be. They are led on by hope each time something leaks or when the development team even mentions its existence. And with recent teases, including a new Rainbow Six-themed faction, there’s reason to get hyped. But for now, the release window remains unofficial.

XDefiant sports multiple game modes, factions from existing Ubisoft IP like Far Cry and Ghost Recon, and will be a free-to-play game with seasonal content drops whenever it does finally release.

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