MW3 Zombies Season 4 Reloaded early patch notes: Unstable Rift, new shotgun, and more

Modern Warfare 3’s latest mideason patch is ready to arrive, and Zombies players may want to check it out for some updates to the undead-slaying mode.

New Call of Duty content is coming that will task players to “learn the secret entrances to the Unstable Rift and face intense waves of zombie hordes until every undead entity is slain, or your team is overwhelmed.”

Here’s everything to know about MWZ’s midseason update, Season Four Reloaded.

MW3 Zombies Season 4 Reloaded patch notes

MW3 Zombies season four reloaded gameplay
Grab your squad and get ready to fight. Image via Activision

While the time of MWZ’s big content drops is likely over, there’s some new stuff for Zombies die-hards to enjoy in season four’s Reloaded update, which goes live on June 26.

Unstable Rift

MW3 Zombies Unstable Rift
Fight the horde. Image via Activision

The main addition for Zombies in Season Four Reloaded, Unstable Rifts sound a lot like classic Zombies gameplay where you fight the undead hordes who are attacking you in droves.

“Join other members of Operation: Deadbolt during Season Four Reloaded to investigate numerous and violent anomalies lurking within what Sergei Ravenov has termed an ‘Unstable Rift,’” Activision said. “Deploy to the Exclusion Zone, and undertake a focused race and challenge to access the entrance into an Unstable Rift. Time is of the essence, as only the first squad to reach a Rift and vote to enter it will be transported into it. Thankfully, several entrances to the Unstable Rift can appear per match.”

Unstable Rifts are likely going to be quite difficult, but Activision said it will be worth the time and effort to do so. In addition, it seems like a great way to level up guns and your season pass.

“Clearing an Unstable Rift of its nightmarish denizens does offer benefits; all weapon and schematic cooldowns are immediately wiped and refreshed if you succeed, and if you’re a glutton for havoc, you can repeat this activity as many times as your squad can successfully enter an Unstable Rift,” the company said.

New shotgun

Reclaimer 18 shotgun in MW3
Pump some lead into the undead. Image via Activision

The Reclaimer 18 is MW3’s newest zombie-slaying machine, and it will be familiar to CoD players. It’s a “new reimagined variant” of the SPAS-12 shotgun, and it will come with its own set of camos for players to unlock.

Balancing and bug fixes

Get ready for some tweaks to weapons and other items in MWZ, along with some weapon balancing and other changes to the existing modes. More info about this will be available on June 26 when the patch goes live.

This article will be updated with more information when it becomes available.

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