Marvel Rivals returns to Tokyo 2099 once more for newest confirmed map

Marvel Rivals’ closed beta is around the corner, and NetEase Games is ramping up the excitement by showing off another new map today.

Spider-Islands, the third map based in Marvel‘s Tokyo 2099, is the new location revealed in a post on social media today. It’s unclear what game mode the map is built for, but it does have a bit of a different aesthetic from the other two already in the game.

Spider-Islands features more “classic Japanese elements, from zen gardens” to the Master Weaver’s “own sacred tenshu,” as opposed to the futuristic 2099 elements of a map like Shin-Shibuya.

“To patch up the temporal rift, the Master Weaver is working around the clock to spin his magic while also suspending an entire network of islands aloft, far above from the urban hustle,” NetEase said. “It seems that weaving the Multiverse back together is difficult for one spider, so let’s get Spider-Zero back in action!”

It seems as though Spider-Islands will be featured in the game’s closed beta test, which is set to launch sometime next month. Exactly when it will be available is unclear, but as we approach July, the date will likely be confirmed within the coming days and weeks.

The closed beta test will include everything from the closed alpha test, plus the new map, two new heroes in Venom and Adam Warlock, and presumably hero balancing, bug fixes, and other changes to the existing game.

NetEase also confirmed that it’ll be experimenting with a pick-and-ban system in competitive mode, along with crossplay for the game’s first taste on consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S when it drops.

Marvel Rivals currently has no scheduled release date, but the closed beta test should immensely help the game head toward its launch.

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