Mysterious ‘Aurora’ emote confirms next LoL champion’s name, design

A recently-datamined League of Legends emote dubbed “Spirit of the Hearth” has given players what appears to be an accidental first look at the next champion to join the massive League roster.

The emote, first shared on X (formerly Twitter) on May 14, depicts a mysterious new spectacled character writing in a notepad with a feathered quill. This character, which is marked as “AURORA” in the leaked League files, is all rugged up in winter gear and has long brown platted hair. Her appearance on an upcoming emote suggests she will soon be a playable champion.

A League of Legends character wrapped in winter gear writes in a notepad with a feathered quill
The new “Spirt of the Hearth” emote appears to depict Aurora. Image via @JumaraloHexCore

The early Aurora theories have been helped on by several clues. The first is that the /r/AuroraMains subreddit has already been created but is hidden; Riot usually prepares for champ releases by creating these character-specific forums ahead of time. The second relates to a teaser shared in January. In that tease⁠—which depicts a Runeterra mage’s workspace⁠—players have already spotted Aurora’s notebook and several brand markings which also appear on her emote appearance.

This all but confirms that Aurora will be the Vastayan mid-range mage teased by Riot developers right before the 2024 League season began. Her biggest selling point, as shared by the League designers at the time, was that she’ll have “a natural ability to see what others think is not there.”

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