RuneScape 2024 roadmap revealed: New mode, story quests, and more bosses

This year is shaping up to be hugely exciting for new and returning RuneScape players, with a long-term 2024 roadmap teasing an all-new storyline that leads you directly to a new boss dungeon and a totally new game mode.

On May 13, the RuneScape developers Jagex livestreamed the 2024 roadmap on Twitch before sharing an image soon after. The devs explained that these upcoming changes, scheduled to drop from April to December, will hopefully pave the way for a better future in terms of development and incorporating player feedback.

summer, autumn, winter, spring additions to runescape in 2024 roadmap
The roadmap spans from April to December. Image via Jagex

Although there are many new and exciting features coming to RuneScape this year, the most exciting additions include:

  • The new boss dungeon, the Sanctum of Rebirth. This will be a one-to-four-player dungeon where you take on three unique bosses. Once you clear the Sanctum, you get access to new T95 magic dual-wield weapons.
  • Mining and Smithing skilling update in the Summer.
  • Woodcutting and Fletching skilling update coming in the Fall.
  • New Story Quests: These will follow the events of the Requiem for A Dragon quest, and the first quest will lead you to the Sanctum.
  • New skilling boss. This will be tied in with the Sanctum as well.
  • New mode: Group Ironman (this is also available in OSRS). This is the same as the regular solo Ironman mode, but you can enjoy it in a group setting. There will be shared storage, and you can trade with your friends.
  • Seasonal Events: RuneScape will see seasonal events during Halloween and Christmas, featuring seasonal quests with rewards.
  • Improvements, bugfixes, and updates throughout the year.

While the roadmap may not seem like much, the consensus among RuneScape players is that they’re “impressed with what’s on this roadmap.” If all of this content comes to pass, others have boldly claimed “2024 will be a good year for RS3.” Hopefully, the devs will deliver on this 2024 roadmap and keep the hype going.

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