New Monopoly GO Independence Stars (July 7 to 8)

A returning event called Monopoly GO Independence Stars will run for 24 hours, featuring Pickaxes you need to complete the Sunset Treasures main event. The tournament features 30 milestones with rewards ranging from Dice and Stickers to Pickaxe tokens.

Earn rewards by playing and take advantage of the synergy between Independence Stars and the Solo event, Tycoon Cookout. Here’s everything you need to know about the 24-hour Monopoly GO tournament, including a full list of rewards and the points needed to unlock them.

All Monopoly GO Independence Stars rewards and milestones, July 7 to 8

Event level Points required Independence Stars rewards
One 30 Four Pickaxe tokens
Two 60 50 Dice rolls
Three 40 Green Sticker pack
Four 100 75 Dice rolls
Five 140 Five Pickaxe tokens
Soix 175 High Roller for five minutes
Seven 140 Seven Pickaxe tokens
Eight 180 Orange Sticker Pack
Nine 190 Eight Pickaxe tokens
10 200 175 Dice rolls
11 220 10 Pickaxe tokens
12 230 Pink Sticker pack
13 240 175 Dice rolls
14 300 12 Pickaxe tokens
15 400 275 Dice rolls
16 375 Mega Heist for 25 minutes
17 425 15 Pickaxe tokens
18 500 Cash
19 600 400 Dice rolls
20 650 18 Pickaxe tokens
21 550 Cash
22 700 Blue Sticker pack
23 800 Cash
24 1,000 650 Dice rolls
25 900 25 Pickaxe tokens
26 1,300 Cash
27 1,500 900 Dice rolls
28 1,600 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
29 1,800 Cash
30 2,000 1,300 Dice rolls

What are the best Monopoly GO Independence Stars rewards?

Monopoly GO token coins with Dice and cash
Roll for the best rewards. Image via Scopely

Dice are the most important reward in Monopoly GO, with Independence Stars totalling 4,000 if you complete the tournament. Pickeaxe tokens are also a top priority with the Sunset Treasures event ending July 8. Even if you can’t complete the Treasure Hunt, Pickaxes unlock a wide range of rewards for completing a level.

Stickers are another top reward, even lower star packs like Green and Orange. Any Stickers you gain can unlock a set, earning you more Dice rolls. And duplicate Stickers turn into Stars that unlock a Vault containing a variety of rewards.

Tips to get the most Monopoly GO Independence Stars rewards

You earn rewards from the Monopoly GO Independence Stars tournament by landing on a Railroad tile and competing in mini-game events like Shutdown and Bank Heist. The higher your Dice multiplier is, the more points you earn to unlock milestone rewards.

Take advantage of the Tycoon Cookout event that also has an objective of landing on a Railroad tile, earning points for both events to unlock more rewards.

Use Monopoly GO flash events like High Roller to increase your Dice multiplier even more and earn extra points to unlock milestones through Mega Heist.

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