How to unlock Jayber in The First Descendant

Jayber is a utility-type DPS character and one of the many playable Descendants in The First Descendant. He’s a very useful character with various ranged abilities, restorative skills, and weapons.

Here’s how you can unlock Jayber in The First Descendant.

How to unlock Jayber in The First Descendant

Image showing Jayber in The First Descendant.
These are the materials you’ll need. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

You can unlock Jayber in two ways. You can purchase him via the shop tab in the main menu for 600 Caliber, which equates to about $20, or craft him through research, which requires several research materials.

To craft Jayber, visit Magister Anais, located southwest of Albion. Speak to her and the research menu pops up. Navigate to the Descendant section and select Jayber. This shows you all the materials you need to craft him. First, you need to craft four major materials: Jayber Enhanced Cells, Jayber Stabilizer, Jayber Spiral Catalyst, and Jayber Code. You have to craft each material individually, and they all require specific resources. You can only gather them from specific locations while playing certain missions. 

The items you need includes:

Jayber Enhanced Cells

  • Hellion (300)
  • Reverse Charging Coil (455)
  • Insulating Metallic Foil (34)
  • Jayber Enhanced Cells Blueprint
  • 200,000 Gold

Jayber Stabilizer

  • Nanopolymers (363)
  • Shape Memory Alloy (462)
  • Balanced Plasma Battery (43)
  • Jayber Stabilizer Blueprint
  • 200,000 Gold

Jayber Spiral Catalyst

  • Flectorite (292)
  • Carbon Crystal (554)
  • Thermal Metallic Foil (26)
  • Jayber Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • 200,000 Gold

Jayber Code

  • Location one: Agna Desert – Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor, Agna Desert Miragestone Deposit
  • Location two: Fortress – Void Fusion Reactor, Fortress Frozen Valley
  • Location three: Sterile Land – Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor, Sterile Land Restricted Zone
  • Location four: White-night Gulch – Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor, White-night Gulch Observatory

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary materials, head back to Albion, talk to Magister Anais, and select Research Request. Crafting Jayber costs 400,000 Credits.

Jayber uses turrets for assault and recovery. He also has several useful skills, including the Passive skill Turret Sync, which increases Jayber’s attack when his assault and medical turrets are both active.

Jayber has four Active Skills. Assault Turret summons an assault turret to attack the enemy, while Medical Turret summons a helpful turret that heals allies and distracts enemies. Multi-Purpose Gun changes his current gun to a Multi-Purpose Gun, and Reactivate recalls all summoned turrets and inflicts powerful damage to nearby enemies. 

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