New MTG Oracle Deck taps into your mind, Theros style

Wizards of the Coast has branched off into the world of psychic intuition through a new Magic: The Gathering Oracle deck, featuring 52 cards with characters and artwork from the plane of Theros. 

An Oracle deck is a psychic tool that helps individuals tap into their intuitive senses. This isn’t the first time WotC has crossed over into the world of the mind, having released a Dungeons & Dragons Tarot card set in 2022. Unlike Tarot decks, there are no set rules to Oracle decks. The MTG Oracle deck contains 52 cards with characters and artwork from the plane of Theros. 

The MTG Oracle deck drops on May 21 and is priced at around $24.99. I did a box-opening review of the deck and was impressed with the artwork and packaging. The initial price is high, though, considering Amazon has the D&D Tarot deck on sale for $13.09 at time of writing. And the illustrator of the MTG Oracle deck, Fred Gissubel, is the same artist who illustrated the D&D Tarot deck. 

The cards within the MTG Oracle deck are oversized and made from thick cardboard card stock. The box we got had slightly pringled cards, an MTG term for bent cards, even though none had foil treatments. If you plan on using the Oracle deck regularly, I recommend investing in Tarot card sleeves, which can run from around $5 to $20 for a pack of 70. 

Some of the characters you’ll find featured in the MTG Oracle deck include Planeswalkers Gideon, Jace, Chandra, Teferi, Ashiok, Elspeth, and Ajani. Theros Gods like Purphros, Phenax, Nylea, and Thassa are also included. And creatures like Pegasus and Sirens are in the MTG Oracle deck.

The MTG Oracle deck will be released on May 21, the same day Modern Horizon 3 spoilers start, as is priced at around $24.99. Included in the box are 52 illustrated cards, non-foil. The box it comes in holds the cards and contains a booklet on how to use the MTG Oracle deck. An explanation of each card in the box is also contained within the booklet. 

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