New Pokémon Scarlet, Violet distribution features free Porygon2

The Pokémon North America International Championship (NAIC) is right around the corner, and The Pokémon Company just announced a new Mystery Gift to claim during the big event.

One of the biggest Pokémon events of the year, NAIC is set for June 7 to 9 when players from around the world will compete in Scarlet and Violet VGC, TCG, Go, and UNITE. During that weekend, there will be a few freebies for fans to claim such as Teal Mask Ogerpon ex in TCG Live and Timed Research for Altaria in Pokémon Go

Nils Dunlop's winning team at Pokémon EUIC
Porygon2 was one of the brightest stars at EUIC. Screenshot via The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

On the main series side, Scarlet and Violet players can receive a free Porygon2 via Mystery Gift based on the one on Nils Dunlop’s winning team at the Europe International Championship (EUIC) in April. The distribution code will be revealed during the NAIC stream, which players can then redeem in the Mystery Gift section of the Poké Portal.

In addition to being battle-ready, this Porygon2 comes with the following characteristics:

Tera Type Nature Ability Held Item Moves
Flying Quiet (+ Special Attack, – Speed) Download Eviolite Tera Blast 
Ice Beam 
Trick Room

Despite not being a top-meta threat, Porygon2 played a key role in Dunlop’s big win at EUIC, serving as a Trick Room setter for the slow hard-hitter, Ursaluna. The two ‘mons had perfect synergy, with Porygon2’s Flying Tera Type enabling it to avoid friendly fire from Ursaluna’s Earthquake. The Flying Tera also helped it blow away major threats like Urshifu, Amoonguss, and Rillaboom. And unlike Cresselia, another common Trick Room partner for Ursaluna, Porygon2 had more offensive pressure behind it with its Download ability and Tera Blast, which dealt STAB damage even if it wasn’t Terastallized.

Porygon2 may not be as viable in the meta now that we’ve reached Scarlet and Violet’s first restricted format, Regulation G. That means it has more Legendary threats to compete against like Miraidon, Zamazenta, Terapagos, and Calyrex. But if you’re set on using a fun Trick Room team, Porygon2 proved it’s a solid option to consider next to strong ‘mons like Ursaluna.

The North America International Championship begins June 7, so remember to keep an eye out for the Mystery Gift code to claim your free Porygon2 in Scarlet and Violet along with other freebies for TCG Live and Pokémon Go.

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