New roguelike deckbuilder As We Descend on the way from Valheim publisher—and you can play it soon 

The publisher behind Valheim and Deep Rock Galactic has introduced its latest project today, the roguelike deckbuilder As We Descend set in a decaying world.

As We Descend will take a “dystopian and strategic twist” to the genre as players defend the last city of humankind from the threat of monsters.

A draft screen for units shown in a promotional image for As We Descend.
Pick ’em. Image via Box Dragon

As you explore a “feudal cityscape,” you’ll gather forces, locate resources, and scavenge through the ruins to give you the edge in the battle against the deadly monsters that have put humanity’s existence on the brink.

When these monsters advance, the game shifts into “challenging turn-based combat” that will “require strategy and card drafting skill”—building forces with unique units that boast their own cards and abilities.

Each descent in As We Descend provides players with a new challenge as they seek to break through the three biomes to enter the core, with new allies and encounters to find along the way—and even if you fall short, your experience will help in your next attempt.

As We Descend is the first game from Box Dragon, which was founded in 2020 by former Stunlock Studios developers Kevin Chang and Karl Bergström, who worked on Battlerite, while former Riot Games character and environment concept artist Aleks Nikonov works as art director.

Speaking about As We Descend, Chang expressed his excitement for the game and confidence that the title can become an “S-tier roguelike deckbuilder” with the help of players—who can now sign up to participate in the closed beta.

No release window for As We Descend has been revealed but you can add the title to your wishlist on Steam now, where you can also find all the latest news on As We Descend as development continues.

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