One forgotten raid consumable is finally making a comeback in WoW The War Within

World of Warcraft The War Within is closer than you think, with the release set between the summer and fall of 2024. The expansion is in beta testing, and all signs point to a raid consumable coming back.

According to Wowhead on April 28, oils are making a comeback in the next expansion, including Algarian Mana Oil, Oil of Beladar’s Grace, and Oil of Deepening Shadows. These oils should last two hours and increase your stats, health, or damage.

I presume Alchemists will craft oils and they will come with different qualities. There are three qualities in Dragonflight—bronze, silver, and gold. Even if you get the lowest quality, you still get all the bonuses it offers, but the effect isn’t as strong. 

Oils were retired with the release of Dragonflight. Instead, you had to rely on buffs from flasks, food, and Augment runes. While flasks and food are mandatory in Mythic+ dungeons and high-end raids because they persist through death, Augment runes are usually quite expensive, and the buff vanishes as soon as you die. 

Overview of the Azj-Kahet zone in WOW The War Within
The War Within has many exciting changes. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In the end, I’d say that bringing back oils in The War Within is a great way to give players some power while not overdoing it. Even though you might not use all of these buffs while completing quests or normal dungeons, they come in handy when the content gets more demanding. Some extra Critical Hit or Haste can also make or break a risky pull and turn the tides of a fight.

The War Within still needs some time in the oven. So, Blizzard Entertainment will likely add even more unique items and gear ahead of the official release.

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