Palworld players have spent more than 1.3 billion hours in the game—with more to come

Palworld players have already invested more than 1.3 billion hours into the Pocketpair creature-catching sensation 100 days after it released in early access.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Palworld shook up the gaming industry in a big way earlier this year by rising to unprecedented heights. The game took inspiration from various titles and blended them to forge a unique gaming experience. It encourages players to catch pals while unraveling a vast diversity of biomes and exploring the massive map.

A player lined up with their Pals in the PvP Arena.
PvP addition to Palworld should breathe life into the game. Image via Pocketpair

At the time of writing, the creature-catching game boasts a 128,481 peak in players in the last 30 days compared to its peak of 2,101,535 players in January, according to Steam Charts.

Pocketpair’s player retention has been so strong partly because of the attention it’s putting on the title. After its early access release, the dev pushed out a content update introducing raid bosses like Bellanoir, which added a late-game boss battle for the players, giving them more content to grind and exclusive pals and high-quality loot to gear up for the upcoming summer update.

The developer also plans to drop arena PvP mode soon, allowing players to duel their pals with other players and potentially give rewards.

Looking at the Palworld’s dwindling concurrent players, it will be interesting to see the impact the PvP patch will have on the game.

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