Overwatch 2 patch notes today: Season 10 midseason patch

Tank mains, this is the Overwatch 2 update you’ve been waiting for.

After years of having a duo, tanks have been flying solo in OW2, but help has finally arrived (again) in season 10’s midseason patch. Several changes will affect tank survivability, including a global tweak that will help tanks remain active on the field of battle.

Check out the patch notes for Overwatch 2‘s season 10 midseason update below.

Overwatch 2 season 10 midseason patch notes

Reinhardt in Hero Mastery in OW2
It’s your time to shine, big guy. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Today’s a good day to be a tank main in OW2, and it feels like it’s been impossible to say that up until now. Read on below for everything changing in the midseason update.

Tank buffs

Reinhardt default skin in Overwatch 2
Dive in headfirst. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The days of farming headshots off of a tank with a massive noggin like Winston or Roadhog are over thanks to a new 25 percent damage reduction on all shots to the head hitbox in the midseason update.

But that’s not all. Crowd control on tanks is also being nerfed quite a bit, with an increase in knockback resistance all the way up to 50 percent, from the 30 percent it was before. As the only tank on the field, this should make things feel a bit more fair as opposed to being bounced around by every ability the other team has.

One change is actually a rollback to a previous state, in that the damage reduction from armor will once again reduce five damage per projectile, up to a 50 percent damage reduction maximum.

And one global change will have a bigger effect on tanks, too. The health regen passive for all heroes will now recover 10 health plus five percent of their max HP per second, meaning heroes with larger health pools will recover more than before. Previously, it used to be 20 HP per second on all heroes, so this is yet another buff for tanks.

Junker Queen and Wrecking Ball buffs

Junker Queen standing in Junkertown in OW2.
She loves to shout. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In individual hero news, Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout is now able to be activated while channeling other abilities, along with a cooldown nerf to 12 seconds, which “should allow her to be more engaged in intense fights where you need to charge in more quickly,” according to Blizzard.

Wrecking Ball, meanwhile, is in line for some more changes after a rework at the start of the season. Hammond’s full-charged Grappling Claw swing is increasing its damage to 60 from 50, Piledriver’s movement stun will now last 0.75 seconds (up from 0.5), and Minefield’s explosion damage gets a very strong buff up to 165 damage from 130, with its knockback increasing to 10 meters from five.

DPS buffs

Several damage heroes will receive some slight changes, too, including buffs for Junkrat, Hanzo, and Echo. Stay tuned for the full patch notes for more detailed information.

OW2’s midseason update for season 10 should go live around 1pm CT on May 14.

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