Overwatch 2 players are calling for return to 6v6 after controversial midseason update

Ever since Blizzard Entertainment overhauled Overwatch 2 and shifted the game to a 5v5 system, the community has been clamoring for a return to 6v6. In the wake of the game’s latest midseason update, those voices have only gotten louder, especially with how controversial the changes have been.

Over the last update, changes were introduced to the tank role that could cause huge shifts in the competitive meta, including massive buffs to Mauga’s Cardiac Overdrive, Ramattra’s durability, and boosts to Winston. The Overwatch community is outraged with the state of the game once again, and has given even more reason for people to want 6v6 back.

Mauga using his ultimate in Overwatch 2
Mauga is a menace once again. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

“Counter-tank picking will be even more pronounced, [and] tanks will be even more ‘responsible’ for a loss, according to their teammates,” one user on the Overwatch subreddit said. “It will be even more critical to play one of the meta tanks. This patch makes all of the problems with tank even worse.”

Other players were quick to point out, however, that bringing 6v6 back would also bring back one of the biggest issues that Overwatch had with its original system: disgustingly long queue times. Players are aware that the tank player base will probably not increase, even with the change back to 6v6, causing wait times to skyrocket for everyone.

It is a tough balance that the developers must find, but as of now, Blizzard has not spoken about a possible return to 6v6 any time soon. There are, however, some new cosmetics for any players who are willing to jump into the game right now, including an incredible Transformers collaboration that has impressed those who are still preparing to play.

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