Zenless Zone Zero – All chapters in ZZZ, listed

The main way you progress through Zenless Zone Zero is by completing quests to advance. This primarily means navigating through all the chapters present in ZZZ with the many missions they include.

There are all kinds of commissions available for you to complete and even more will be introduced in future updates. There’s a lot of content to navigate, which can make figuring out what to do next tricky, so here are all the chapters in ZZZ to help you work through them.

How many chapters are there in ZZZ?

Belle sitting down with head rested in hand while activating the Bangboo in ZZZ
Belle and Wise are the key players in every chapter. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are currently either three or four chapters in ZZZ depending on whether you count the prologue, but the number of chapters will also continuously expand in future updates.

The first chapter is called Chapter Zero, which means the actual chapters technically begin with Chapter One. But this prologue chapter still has a solid amount of content to navigate through.

All Zenless Zone Zero chapters

Here are all of the chapters in ZZZ and all the quests they include. Most chapters are broken up into a few acts in the game and involve various unique Factions around New Eridu, so we’ve broken them up this way here too to make them easier to navigate.

Chapter Quests
Chapter Zero: Business x Strangeness x Justness A Surprise
Hollow Survival Guide
Mutated Corruption
Proxy Business
Hacking Attack
Chapter One (part one): Lost & Found & Cat (A) An Uninvited Guest
Client with Two Tails
Abandoned Rally Point
Lost Item
Explosive Last Train
Doubts Arise
Chapter One (part two): Lost & Found & Cat (B) Hidden Stories
Step by Step
Unexpected Captives
Second Rescue
Vagrant’s Final Resting Place
Chapter Two (part one): A Call From the Hollow’s Heart (A) Assigned Commission
Problem Child
The Essence of Being a Bro
The Only Embrace
Savior’s Mission
That Name
Chapter Two (part two): A Call From the Hollow’s Heart (B) Searching for the Prototype
Steel Devourer
Call That Name
Chapter Two (interlude part one): Mission Unthinkable (I) Crisis on the Street Corner
Unexpected Reunion
Unproductive Visit
Sixth Street Theft Case
Invisible Assistant
Chapter Two (interlude part two): Mission Unthinkable (II) Emerging Crisis
Emergency Operation
Shared Beliefs
Moment to Counterattack
We’ll Meet Again
Chapter Three (part one): The Midnight Pursuit (A) A Mysterious Letter
First Exploration of a Perilous Building
Friends Old and New
Ascending Dance
Close, Yet Worlds Apart
Chapter Three (part two): The Midnight Pursuit (B) Power Restored
An Uninvited Guest
Darkest Hour
Shocking Conspiracy
Rescue Mission
A Close Call
Into the Darkness

Navigating through all the quests ZZZ has is crucial if you want to unlock key gameplay features like Bangboo and the battle pass. Because of this, it’s important to work through them as they arrive if you’re seeking access to features you can’t use yet.

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