How to get Fulgor in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker’s loot is core to the game, and getting the best items is pivotal. One item in particular, Fulgor, is a true prize for Fighters, so here’s how to obtain this Unique-quality weapon.

What is Fulgor in Dark and Darker?

Characters raiding a dungeon in Dark and Darker.
Fulgor and other Unique weapons can only be found in High-Roller dungeons. Image via Ironmace

Fulgor is a Unique-quality two-handed weapon and essentially a buffed version of the Longsword. The only class that can wield this fantastic piece of steel are Fighters, Dark and Darker’s most basic class. It does 52 to 54 damage and has a special effect when hitting enemies that spawns a Thunderbolt for an additional 20 magic damage per hit.

How to find Fulgor in Dark and Darker

Overview of the Fighter class in Dark and Darker.
The Fighter is the only class that can wield Fulgor. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Fulgor can only be found in High-Roller dungeons, meaning you’ll have to gear up quite well and prepare to face tough opponents. It’s dropped by boss enemies, the same as most other Unique-quality weapons, and is a suitable reward for the immense challenge. High-Roller dungeons also require players to pay an entry fee in gold, making your search for Fulgor that much more costly.

My advice for players venturing into these tough matchmaking queues is to take the best gear you have, always be on the lookout, and bring your friends. Going solo into a High-Roller experience might prove a little too challenging for most players, so maximize your odds of finding Fulgor and any other Unique weapon by getting yourself a nice well-rounded party of players.

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