Overwatch 2 rolls out Transformers collab trailer, including Optimus Prime Reinhardt

A tank rivalry that’s more than meets the eye gets reinvigorated tomorrow alongside Overwatch 2’s anticipated Transformers collaboration.

Optimus Prime Reinhardt and Megatron Ramattra highlight the four new skins coming to the game, along with Bumblebee Bastion and Arcee Illari. Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new skins in a fittingly awesome trailer this afternoon in a video that’s quite the tribute to the toy-centric franchise.

Bumblebee Bastion in Overwatch 2
A natural fit. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The minute-plus long trailer features the OW2 heroes doing battle as the classic 1980s cartoon characters that became Hollywood megastars, in an animation style befitting of the classic franchise, along with a new take on some nostalgic music.

In the trailer, Bastion’s Bumblebee transforms, much like the titular characters, into a vehicle with a turret just like in the game. Reinhardt swings his rocket hammer with Optimus Prime’s trademark blue and red color scheme, while Ramattra powers up as the evil Megatron and Illari makes a surprise appearance as Arcee, giving each of the game’s three roles a skin to use as part of the collaboration.

Previous OW2 collabs, like One Punch Man, Cowboy Bebop, Le Sserafim, and Porsche featured cool skins, too, but this one looks like it may be the best team-up yet. The game may have missed out on some easy mash-ups, such as Orisa, Echo, or Zenyatta as other heroes from the robotic series, but thee four skins look to be well-made regardless of how most players feel their “main” was missed in this event.

Further details about the Transformers event have been kept under wraps thus far, but it’s likely to include a limited time mode with challenges to unlock cosmetics along with the skins that will presumably be sold for Overwatch Coins in the in-game store.

Either way, all will be revealed soon when Overwatch 2’s Transformers event begins tomorrow, July 9.

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