All Monopoly GO Riviera Riches rewards, including new Token

It’s time to try to land on the four corner Monopoly GO tiles in Riviera Riches, a two-day solo event featuring 18,220 dice rolls, flash events like High Roller, and a new Token.

No main events are running for the next two days, but events like Riviera Riches are a great way to restock on dice rolls before the next one drops. Here’s how to get the most out of the Monopoly GO Riviera Riches rewards, like the new Little Pail Token.

Full list of Monopoly GO Riviera Riches rewards and milestones

Riviera Riches milestones Points to unlock milestones Riviera Riches rewards
One Five 25 Dice rolls
Two 10 Green Sticker pack
Three 15 Cash
Four 40 50 Dice rolls
Five 20 Green Sticker pack
Six 30 35 Dice rolls
Seven 30 Cash Boost for five minutes
Eight 140 150 Dice rolls
Nine 30 Cash
10 40 40 Dice rolls
11 40 Mega Heist for 20 minutes
12 350 350 Dice rolls
13 40 Cash
14 55 Orange Sticker pack
15 65 Cash
16 500 New Little Pail Token
17 70 Cash
18 80 Pink Sticker pack
19 90 High Roller for five minutes
20 1,000 900 Dice rolls
21 120 Cash
22 130 120 Dice rolls
23 140 Cash
24 500 Blue Sticker pack
25 280 250 Dice rolls
26 200 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
27 1,400 1,250 Dice rolls
28 300 Mega Heist for 30 minutes
29 400 Cash
30 700 600 Dice rolls
31 500 Cash
32 1,800 1,500 Dice rolls
33 600 Blue Sticker pack
34 600 Cash
35 2,300 1,800 Dice rolls
36 1,800 Purple Sticker pack
37 1,000 750 Dice rolls
38 1,100 Cash
39 3,400 2,500 Dice rolls
40 1,000 High Roller for 10 minutes
41 1,300 900 Dice rolls
42 1,400 Cash
43 7,500 7,000 Dice rolls

What’s different about Monopoly GO Riviera Riches rewards and milestones?

Mr. Monopoly looking at Monopoly GO Stickers
A shakeup of milestone rewards is a good thing. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Scopely is changing up Monopoly GO solo event rewards through Riviera Riches with milestone flash events. Instead of High Roller showing up early, a Cash Boost has taken its place through milestone seven. There are two Mega Heist events at milestones 11 and 28, and there are still two High Roller events at milestones 19 and 40.

A new Monopoly GO token called Little Pail was added through milestone 16. And the Rivera Riches event only has seven Sticker packs through its 43 total milestone rewards.

Tips to get the best Monopoly GO Riviera Riches rewards

Events like Riviera Riches can feel boring without a main event, but that isn’t the case this time around. Here’s how to navigate the Monopoly GO event to get the best rewards without using all your dice rolls.

  • Take advantage of the early Cash Boost to stock up on cash as a Builder’s Bash event should drop within the next few days.
  • Use the Mega Heist flash events to boost points earned through the Sleek Slam tournament to earn even more rewards.
  • A High Roller at milestone 19 can help you get to milestone 24 for a Blue Sticker pack, while the one at milestone 40 can get you to finish the solo event if you have the dice rolls.
  • Complete your Quick Wins at a multiplier of at least 10 and then roll some throughout the day to unlock the Little Pail Token.
  • Increase your dice multiplier when approaching the Jail and GO tile.
  • Check out the daily timed Monopoly GO events and use them to help you earn more milestone points.

How to earn Monpoply GO Riviera Riches milestone points

To earn points that unlock Riviera Riches rewards, you must land on one of the four corner Monopoly GO tiles. These tiles are GO, Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Jail. The corner tiles most often landed on are Jail and GO, so be sure to increase your dice multiplier when approaching the back half of the Monopoly GO board.

Why is Monopoly GO Riviera Riches worth playing?

Mr. Monopoly on top hat with ballons in Monopoly GO
Restock on resources for upcoming main events. Image via Scopely

The Riviera Riches Solo event is a great way to farm Stickers and restock on resources like dice rolls and cash. A new Partner event is slated to drop in the coming days, so now is the time to get ready for the upcoming Monopoly GO main event.

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