Palia devs make good on promise to add giant stuffed frog for Steam release

Singularity Six, the developer of the cozy MMO Palia, promised players it would add a giant stuffed frog to the game if it got 500,000 wishlists on Steam. The game is out, and Frogbert is now in the game.

Palia launched in early access on Aug. 10, 2023. Since then, it has been ported to Nintendo Switch, and on March 25, it officially came out on Steam. To get players excited for the Steam release, the developers held a wishlist campaign, and the reward was the oversized amphibian plushie, among other updates.

A giant Frogbert is staring at a player
Don’t worry. Frogbert only eats french flies and a diet croak. Image via Singularity Six

While it first started as a meme among the community, Frogbert has become something of a mascot for the game, and the developers have taken full advantage of it.

To become the proud owner of this majestic croaker, players simply need to log into Palia from March 25 to April 25, and they will receive the plushie via mail. Since Palia is a free-to-play title, no purchase is required. The game also features cross-platform progression, so users can play it on both Nintendo Switch and PC with a single account.

After its initial early-access release, Palia has garnered mostly mixed reviews, which are also reflected in its Steam page. While many seem to like the idea of having a cozy combat-less MMO, players say Palia simply doesn’t have enough interesting content to keep them interested long-term. 

Palia has received several updates and gameplay improvements, but will it be enough to fix new gameplay issues and, more importantly, bring new players to the cozy MMO?

Perhaps Frogbert will be the reason for more players to hop on. 

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