Palworld developer teases PS5 release

Last January, Palworld made its way to PCs and Xbox, with millions of players flooding its servers almost immediately. Unfortunately, for PlayStation 5 users, it’s not available on the platform, but a recent developer tweet suggests this could change.

Developer Pocketpair admitted it “considered” a PS5 release in the past but still hasn’t confirmed Palworld will come to the platform. An X post on June 22 by community manager Bucky has sparked new hope among players, however, with the developer seemingly teasing a potential release for Sony’s console.

In their X post, Bucky wrote “Palworld” between six hearts of different colors: Black, green, and white. Afterward, they wondered “what colour would fit” if they wanted to add more hearts and immediately went with blue. “Looks good I think,” Bucky summed up before finishing the tweet with the eyes emoji, often used to add mystery in teases like these.

This immediately sparked reactions among the community, with players assuming the post was a tease about a potential PlayStation 5 release. It’s too little to work with and could be the developer messing around with us. On the other hand, it’s something to keep our eyes on, especially since PS5 has been considered previously.

On June 27, the Sakurajima update rolls out to Palworld, bringing several fresh additions. It includes a new island to explore and new Pals to catch and use in combat and bases. Hopefully, if a PS5 release is on the cards, we’ll hear more about it after this update or in the coming months.

Palworld was a massive hit for PCs and Xbox, with millions of players tuning in the first few weeks of play. With that in mind, restraining the game from PS5 release would mean turning down a massive player base just wanting to join the fray and possibly spend their money.

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