Palworld full release date – When does Palworld’s early access end?

Developer Pocketpair’s magnum opus, Palworld has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide with its unique blend of creature collecting, building mechanics, and open-world exploration. Dubbed Pokeomon with Guns, the open world title has players questioning when is the full game releasing.

If you’re like me, anticipating the end of early access to fully experience Palworld’s potential, then stay tuned as we explore what lies ahead.

Does Palworld have a release date?

player shooting pal in palworld
No exact release date has been given. Image via Palworld

As of now, Pocketpair has not officially announced the exact date for Palworld’s full release. However, based on the progress made during the beta phase dubbed early access and the steady stream of updates from the devs, expectations are fairly high for a comprehensive and polished release in the near future.

Palworld had its initial premiere in January 2019 and began early access on Jan. 19, 2024, with availability planned for a year on PC and Xbox Series X and S.

Like its release date, there’s no precise countdown for when early access will eventually conclude, but it will coincide with the full release.

A large base being constructed in Palworld, showing many Pals doing work.
Expect something soon. Screenshot via Pocketpair

This early access period has allowed players to delve into its rich gameplay, including creature collecting and base-building, garnering significant attention and providing feedback to the devs for improvements.

The creature-catching title has already attracted millions of players eager to explore its vibrant world and engage with its unique features. However, PlayStation players have been unable to join in as of writing due to platform restrictions; a limitation that has sparked interest in potential future expansions or releases on additional platforms.

For now, enthusiasts of creature collecting and open-world adventures will need to stay tuned for an official announcement regarding Palworld’s eventual definitive release date and any accompanying release developments.

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