Palworld on Switch sounds unlikely as devs battle with console’s ‘tech limits’

Palworld creator Takuro Mizobe has today hinted a once-expected Nintendo Switch port might not be overly viable for the super popular creature-catching game given the handheld console’s technical limitations.

Mizobe first expressed his hesitation regarding a Switch port in an interview with Game File on June 24. While the title, which has been compared to Pokemon in the past, has thrived on PC and Xbox, its ambitious features and demanding tech requirements cast doubts on a smooth transition to the less powerful Switch hardware.

Promotional keyart for Palworld's Sakurajima Update.
Can’t wait to max out a Frog Samurai. Image via Pocketpair

This hurdle may come as a disappointment to many Switch owners who were captivated by the game’s explosive launch in January. The title attracted a staggering 25 million players in its first month and showcased its potential to be a cross-platform phenomenon—leading many to see more console expansions as a given rather than a possibility.

That does remain true for other hardware though; despite Mizobe’s cautious stance, he did mention how ports have still been discussed at length behind the scenes and with a recent tease from Palworld’s community manager, it seems PlayStation may be next down that line. Whether that means a Switch version is eventually coming or not is a whole lot less clear.

The upcoming “Sakurajima” update for PC and Xbox launching on Thursday is set to bring in new buildings and a whole new Palworld island to explore, along with a new level cap, an oil rig stronghold and even an exciting PvP arena mode. Mizobe suggested this new update is “kind of an experiment” and even talked about his ambitions for “a true PvP mode in Palworld” where he wants it to have a similar feel to the likes of popular titles Ark and Rust.

Unfortunately, once-eager Switch players are going to have to watch the Sakurajima fun through the window and just hope things change in the future.

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