PlayStation’s Horizon franchise to reportedly get the LEGO treatment in new game

LEGO and PlayStation are reportedly collaborating on a new title centered around the Horizon franchise.

The period of regular releases under the LEGO banner may have passed, instead switching to collaborations with Fortnite, and it appears that trend is set to continue.

Aloy from the Horizon series in the Forbidden West
A new look. Image via Guerrilla Games

Insider Gaming reports that Sony is partnering with LEGO to release ‘LEGO Horizon Adventures’, which will reportedly be “essentially Horizon Forbidden West but LEGO” and will have “realistic graphics.”

An official announcement of the title could be on the horizon (sorry), particularly with the expectation that a PlayStation showcase will take place in the next month—potentially as part of the Summer Games Fest lineup.

Such a game would be exciting as it would show further evidence of LEGO broadening its horizons (sorry again) in the gaming side of things after years when releases were managed by TT Games and focused largely on film franchises.

Marvel, DC, and Star Wars were among those to get the brick treatment with TT Games, the most recent release being LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in 2022, but there has been radio silence regarding a new LEGO creation from the studio ever since.

Meanwhile, the LEGO brand was used in the largely disappointing LEGO 2K Drive in 2023, before the extremely successful LEGO Fortnite game mode landed in December—which received a huge Star Wars update earlier this month.

The biggest standout from the rumor, however, is that it would be extremely likely to be a PlayStation exclusive—bucking the trend from the past two decades, when any game under the LEGO umbrella was available across multiple platforms, with the exception of several PC exclusives.

Sony and LEGO do have history, however. In May 2022, they released the now-retired Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck build, which stands 34 cm tall and has over 1,200 pieces.

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