Pocketpair teases dating sim of dreams and nightmares in “More Than Just Pals” April Fools video

Pocketpair, the developers behind Palworld, have dug deep into the community meme mines and have come out with a trailer for a dating simulator fueled by nightmares and forbidden desires of the players as their April’s Fools joke.

While teasing the supposed dating sim titled Palworld: More than Pals with a trailer, the developers took a humourous take on a high school where pals like Katress, Chillet, and Lovander are students and potential love interests. Making an appearance are Zoe Rayne, the leader of the Rayne Syndicate, the owner of the electric Pal Grizzbolt and even the head of the student council, a Black Marketeer.

Lovander is a pal in Palworld.
Lovander might have fulfilled a lot of fantasies with this dating sim. Image via Pocketpair.

Meet Lovander behind the gym? Make Katress jealous by spending time with other Pals? Go on a date with the Black Marketeer in exchange for helping out your friend? This and many, many more horrific possibilities are played for laughs in the trailer.

The fictional game’s tagline, “Will you remain friends or fall in love? Or dismantle and eat them…” also serves as a loving reference to the Palworld community’s many memes where players were seen petting a pal before brutally butchering them and collecting the loot left behind. The video description also cheekily referenced an “adult version” of the dating sim where the pals will take off their clothes.

Depending on your Palworld fantasies, you might hate or love the trailer. However, considering the game’s supposed release date is also on April Fool’s Day next year, humanity is probably safe from the pal-filled dating sim experience, at least for now.

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