Pokémon Go All Ditto disguses (July 2024)

Ditto is one of the rarest Pokémon to find in Pokémon Go due to how Niantic programmed the pocket monster in-game.

When you catch a certain Pokémon every month, there is a slim, one in 50 to 100 chance of a Ditto appearing, with Ditto’s chance increasing if an event is tailored explicitly around it.

The list of Pokémon that Ditto can change infrequently between seasons, so if you are trying to find one to complete your Pokédex or complete a field research task, knowing which Pokémon can be Ditto is vital to finding and hopefully capturing one.

All Ditto disguses in Pokémon Go (July 2024)

ditto pokemon Go
Where is it hiding? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Ditto in Pokémon Go can be one of a handful of Pokémon. In July, the list of Pokémon that have a slim chance of being a disguised Ditto includes:

  • Oddish 
  • Koffing 
  • Rhyhorn 
  • Goldeen
  • Numel 
  • Bidoof 
  • Solosis 
  • Bergmite
  • Stufful

There’s no way to guarantee one of the above Pokémon is a Ditto. The Ditto only appears after a successful capture, so you can only increase your chances of finding a Ditto by only focusing on the above Pokémon when they appear outside of events.

Equally, there is an even slimmer chance of coming across a shiny Ditto if you are lucky enough, but the odds of finding one are so slim you’d have better luck finding a trainer willing to trade you one instead.

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