Pokémon Go gets strong start at EUIC with exclusive spawns and research

The first day of the Pokémon European Championships is over, and Pokémon Go players who attended or watched the various live streams were given far more treats than even I expected.

Those watching the stream throughout the day on Twitch were given access to exclusive research, but for those in London today, April 5, there was much more to celebrate. Not only did anyone at the event get the research without needing the code, but additional tasks, stops, and exclusive incense spawns also appeared for those in attendance.

If a lure was active on any of the multiple EUIC Pokéstops, trainers could find an abundance of additional Pokémon, including Alolan Vulpix, Chinchou, Shieldon, Poliwag, Lickitung, and Meditite. Not only that, but these Pokémon and more around the EUIC venue appear to have increased Shiny chances.

I should know. I caught nine Shiny Pokémon at EUIC from these incense spawns and even a few event ones like Onix and Joltik. It was a good day to be a Pokémon Go player. There were no regional spawns this year, unlike in 2023 when the Unovan monkeys made an appearance at international tournaments, but overall it was still a nice touch.

Obviously, those attending EUIC weren’t just there to play Pokémon Go casually. The tournament is underway to see which trainer can get the title and lock in a potential place at August’s Pokémon World Championship alongside Pokémon VGC, TGC, and Unite players.

It’s all to play for going into day two tomorrow. Who will come out on top?

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