Star Wars Outlaws to debut story trailer next week—and could possibly drop a release date

Grab your blaster and get ready to punch in some hyperspace coordinates. The next official glimpse at Ubisoft and Massive’s open-world Star Wars Outlaws game is coming next week, and there’s a new hope for a potential release date reveal.

Ubisoft and Star Wars both announced today that the official “story trailer” for Star Wars Outlaws will officially debut on Tuesday, April 9 at 11am CT on the Ubisoft YouTube channel. This will be the first new official footage from the open-world adventure since its debut trailer and extended gameplay trailer nine months ago.

Star Wars Outlaws story trailer announcement
This is where the fun begins. Image via @StarWars on Twitter/X

While Disney has said it expects to release Star Wars Outlaws in late 2024, this story trailer could potentially sneak in an official release date at the very end. Over the past month, Star Wars Outlaws has received regional ratings across three different regions: Brazil, Korea, and Australia. Its Korea rating is reportedly 19+ due to a mini-game that features in-game betting, which could be Sabacc, the canon Star Wars equivalent of poker. Australia gave the game an “MA+15” rating for its violence.

But a string of ratings in a short span can sometimes be associated with a release date announcement, and the first opportunity for that could be next week’s story trailer. If not next week, then the next likely release date reveal would probably be the Ubisoft Forward event this upcoming July.

While some fans are tempering expectations for Star Wars Outlaws due to the mixed reviews that recent releases like Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Skull and Bones received, the success of the Star Wars Jedi series from Respawn has illuminated the path for single-player Star Wars games to find critical and commercial acclaim. But given the recent news that the Star Wars FPS that Respawn was working on has been canceled, there’s much more pressure on Outlaws to deliver this year.

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