Pokémon Go increases storage and item limits—but is it too little, too late?

Niantic is making two useful upgrades for Pokémon Go players ahead of Go Fest 2024: Global this weekend, but trainers can’t help but feel underwhelmed.

On July 10, just days before Pokémon Go’s huge Go Fest 2024: Global (July 13 to 14) gets underway, Niantic has announced the tight limits for Pokémon storage and Item Bag capacity would both be increased by 500. Pokémon trainers who need more space can head to the app’s shop for those new upgrades.

Storage in Pokémon Go.
More space is always nice. Image via Niantic

Now, generally speaking, it’s nice to see space upgrades like this—especially if you’re a dedicated trainer with tons of valuable Pokémon and items. However, the community still isn’t sold on this one for a few different reasons.

First, fans feel like they’ve missed out on what was initially promised by Niantic in a now-deleted post on X (formerly Twitter). As pointed out by players, the deleted post stated the Pokémon storage limit would be increased by 8,300, while the Item Bag capacity would increase by 7,300. These are way bigger and more impactful upgrades compared to the 500 we’re left with. And now that we’ve seen what could’ve been, some players want larger upgrades while others would just prefer the upgrades to be free this time around.

Aside from the mix-up, something about the wording in the announcement felt off for players. To hype trainers up, the post opened with, “Ready for a month of #PokemonGOFest2024?” This is weird, considering Go Fest technically started back on May 30 in Sendai and has since made its way through Madrid (June 14 to 16) and New York City (July 5 to 7). At this point, all that’s left of Go Fest is the global portion this weekend from July 13 to 14. Rather than a month, we actually only have one weekend left of Go Fest.

Based on the wording, it’s possible Niantic had intended to launch these storage upgrades a month ago but they were delayed. Or, it could just be another miscommunication like we had with the initial deleted message.

Regardless, players at least now have the option to upgrade their Pokémon storage and Item Bag if they really need to. It may come in handy during the global Go Fest event when tons of great ‘mons and Shinies make an appearance, so it’s not a total loss here. Be sure to take advantage of all the Go Fest perks if you’re playing along in the big event this weekend.

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