Pokémon GO NAIC champ hopes this Gen 6 steel type doesn’t get added before Worlds

With Pokémon NAIC over since June 9, Pokémon Go players have two months to prepare for Worlds, which means anything can happen between now and August 15 that could dramatically change the meta.

Two potential meta-defining changes could shake the game at its core. We could either see a new Battle League patch released, such as the one released at the end of May that drastically reduced Scal’s effectiveness, or get a brand new Pokémon that turns the game on its head.

And out of all the Pokémon that could be released over the next couple of months, there is one that OutofPoket, the NAIC Champion, fears most—Aegislash.

OutofPoket said it is “such a good Pokémon” as it has the “same stats as Bastiodon, minus the weakness that makes Bastiodon somewhat balanced in the competitive scene.” When discussing the possible inclusion of Aegislash, I jokingly brought up the idea of Shadow Aegislash, which brought fear to the NAIC champ’s eyes.

Many things could change over the next few months, but it isn’t just Aegislash that OutofPoket is fearful of seeing. He also bought up Mimikyu but thinks there’s no chance of seeing that Pokémon until at least Halloween next year.

It could still appear, though. Niantic does exactly play by the community’s rules, after all.

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