LoL’s version of GeoGuessr for the Rift is harder than you think

If you’re familiar with every nook and cranny of League of Legends Summoner’s Rift map, give LoL Guessr a shot.

LoL Guessr is a variant of GeoGuessr, which shows players any random geographical location in the world and asks them to identify the area based on visual cues in the picture. If they determine the location accurately, they get a point, or they must start again from scratch and try their luck in other places.

LoL Guesser game which allows players to choose locations in Summoner's Rift and earn points.
Make your guess. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In the LoL Guessr, the real world switches with Summoner’s Rift, and you will have nothing but in-map obstacles, terrain, and little creatures to base your conclusions on. You must choose the spot on the map according to the visual cues and lock it to reveal the answer.

Once your answer is locked, you can see the picture enlarges, giving you a better look at the location. You get a point if your guess is closer to the actual site. Anytime your guess is far off, the score will reset, and you’ll have to start from the bottom to build your high score.

To make things easier, you can take the geometry of the obstacles to give yourself a rough idea of the location. The terrain also helps when a water body gives you the clue to look directly in the middle of the map. There are small creatures or empty round-shaped places where Sentinels spawn, which are subtle clues to help you find the exact locations on the map.

But if you can’t observe the map’s terrain and animals, your odds of doing well in the game decrease considerably. Sometimes, the game throws a curveball by giving you a location inside your blue-side base, so being ready for such tricky spots is the key to performing well in LoL Guesser.

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