VALORANT console players are getting the first taste of a much-needed warmup feature

The VALORANT console beta may launch with limited maps and modes compared to the game’s PC version, but players on PlayStation and Xbox will have first crack at a feature that should have been added a while ago.

As part of a revamped training/tutorial program, VALORANT console beta players will have access to a new bot training match, where players can warm up in a match with AI controlled bots teammates. This is designated as an “optional” match designed for new players, as it is only playable on Haven in a full Swift Play match.

Sky view of Haven map in Valorant
A fan favorite map serves as a training ground versus AI. Image via Riot Games

The bot training match, alongside new training features like the new tutorial and practice options, is eventually going to be coming to PC players “in a later patch.” And while this bot training match is severely limited, it hopefully opens the door for Riot to implement a more robust version of bot practice later.

The ability to host practice matches with and against bots is something that wouldn’t only be useful to just new players, though new players would receive the most usage out of them, since it would allow them to fully practice using multiple agents on several different maps without any risk of playing with less-than-friendly teammates. For those with negative experiences in VALORANT or other titles, having the ability to practice completely is much needed.

Several multiplayer and competitive titles offer matches against bots, including CS2, Overwatch 2, and Marvel Rivals, and it’s about time VALORANT offers a fully fleshed-out practice mode versus AI as well.

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