Pokémon Go players feel Niantic ‘force’ them to buy Incubators during Hatch Day events

Pokémon Go fans are rightfully upset yet again at Niantic’s Hatch Day formula.

The latest Hatch Day was on April 28 and lasted from 2pm until 5pm local time. Within those three hours, trainers could find 2km Eggs that guaranteed a Cleffa hatch with a higher chance of the Pokémon being shiny. It is not a guaranteed shiny hatch, but the odds are good enough that it was worth trying your luck.

Despite this, many trainers have flooded social media and Reddit to voice their hatred towards these events, and we couldn’t agree more.

Not only do you need to get the eggs, but you also need to walk a set distance to hatch them for a small chance of getting a shiny Cleffa. All of this takes time, and with the event limited to three hours, it creates a terrible scenario that is more tedious than fun.

As one trainer put it, these types of events “force you to buy incubators to hatch eggs effectively within 3 hours,” especially if you work on the day of the event and can only afford an hour or two to take part. Why can’t these events run the whole day?

Hatch Days have become notoriously bad in the Pokémon Go community, and it appears as though some trainers have had enough. Instead of going out, some trainers said they were just skipping it entirely.

Even with these constant concerns, we doubt Niantic will do anything about it, as we’ve seen with the new avatar update issues. 

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