VALORANT player discovers new Fade lineup on Lotus that makes retakes easy

Fade is an agent in VALORANT who excels in setting her team up for success, and she can also use her shadows to reveal the tree area on Lotus in a way that no one else can.

On April 26, a player on VALORANT’s subreddit showcased a newly discovered Fade lineup on Lotus that makes her stronger than ever. To perform this useful, yet easy trick, you have to stand on top of a rock in A main, aim slightly above the door, and throw her Haunt ability. By doing so, you reveal the entire tree area, providing your team with a ton of information. 

VALORANT'S map, Lotus.
Lotus is a map with three sites. Image via Riot Games

As an initiator’s main job is to find and collect information, this new lineup is a useful addition to Fade’s bag of tricks. Not only does this make retakes much stronger, but it can be used as a strong post-plant play, making it powerful on both the attacker’s and defender’s side. Additionally, it’s a very safe spot for a lineup that your opponents would never expect. 

But that’s not all. According to the player, you can also use Fade’s Seize ability from the same spot, detaining your opponents for a short duration. With good team communication, this lineup can easily secure you a round. With Lotus being a map that heavily favors initiators such as Breach and Skye, this will allow Fade to be more competitive with other agents and perhaps become a go-to pick.

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