Pokémon Go players really want to see these Shadow ‘mons next and we couldn’t agree more

While there are several Shadow Pokémon available to catch already, Pokémon Go fans want more—and the community has a few wonderful ideas for Niantic to start with.

On March 19, when a Redditor asked the community for ideas, players replied with the names of their favorite ‘mons they’d love to see a Shadow version of in Pokémon Go. From Ditto to Roserade, almost every popular creature yet to receive a dark twist received a mention and we couldn’t dismiss any of those requests.

Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon GO
Shadow of my favorite ‘mons? Yes, please. Image via Niantic

Of all the names that appeared in the comments, Ditto received the most nods, with players agreeing “Everyone needs a Shitto.” The second most upvoted comment hailed Deino, Lucario, and Conkeldurr, as well as legendaries like Terrakion and Kartana that would be great candidates for receiving Shadow forms. Other honorable mentions include Roserade, Eevee, Annihilape, Togekiss, Yveltal, Darkrai, Nihilego, and Greninja, but the list is nearly endless.

In case you’re wondering, Shadow ‘mons are creatures abandoned by Team GO Rocket after you defeat them in battle. Emanating a unique dark aura, you may get a chance to catch them after defeating a Team GO Rocket Grunt in Pokémon Go

While they offer a few crucial advantages, Shadow forms take more damage than usual and may die quickly if you aren’t careful enough. You can purify them using Stardust and Candy, improving their appraisal and leveling up potential—but the Shadow form is always stronger than the normal or purified form. Naturally, they’re popular due to their dark appearance, not to mention they deal extra damage and have support unique mechanics.

With Pokémon Go’s World Of Wonders: Taken Over event set for March 27, 2024, the Shadow form of the legendary Groudon will soon debut in special research, and players will be able to add the enigmatic creature to their collection. Shadow forms of other ‘mons, including Mewtwo, Pidgey, Darumaka, Gothita, and Solosis, will also appear, so get ready to expand your dark team. 

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