Pokémon TCG Live is still a broken mess despite Temporal Forces update

Pokémon TCG Live has been online for more than 10 months, and the developers have yet to perfect the art of releasing a new expansion without breaking several features or gameplay mechanics along the way. The recent Temporal Forces patch, unfortunately, continued that trend. 

Released on March 19 ahead of the March 22 release of the Pokémon TCG: Temporal Forces launch, the PTCGL team was aiming to drop a new expansion, battle pass, and other content to the game while also fixing a handful of bugs that were heavily impacting player experience. This included certain avatar customization items causing matchmaking errors and card bugs like Ditto V’s Transformation Ability not working or Mr. Mime’s Mimic Barrier Ability blocking damage it shouldn’t. 

Raging Bolt Temporal Forces keyart
The new cards will be fun, at least. Image via The Pokémon Company

Those updates went through, prepping the game for the launch of Temporal Forces and patching out those bugs—as far as the community can tell. That did not, however, keep the PTCGL curse from happening again, as more issues started popping up less than 10 minutes after the maintenance period for gameplay interactions and general game features. 

PTCGL content creator TrustYourPilot reported three significant issues, with Ultra Ball not having any targets in their deck in an early game state, PokéStop incorrectly being able to add a Radiant Greninja to hand, and Great Ball being able to search for Adventurer’s Discover—a Supporter card. The replies to those clips are full of other bugged interactions, too, though not all of them have proof or active reports. 

Another major issue resulted in error code 10011 popping up for several players, which would cause disruptions when trying to load the game, crafting cards, or exchanging currency. The developers have acknowledged this specific issue and have issued an in-game and community post notice stating that the team is looking into it and working on a fix. 

“The team is aware of potential issues TCG Live players might experience with currency and card exchanges. If you notice any odd behavior or instances where they don’t show up, please restart your client,” the PTCGL team said. “If the issue persists or exchanges fail completely, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.”

Some of these issues are something the PTCGL community has sadly come to expect when a new expansion launches in-game because server problems or bugged card interactions pop up every time. You can keep track of the most prominent bugs and what the PTCGL team is working to fix on the Pokémon Community website.

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