‘Blew me away’: New hope kindled for Diablo 4 after Blizzard unveils itemization overhaul

Diablo 4 fans have a renewed sense of hope for Blizzard’s action RPG as its fourth season approaches, with a lot of the excitement coming from an impending item overhaul that includes crafting, Legendary Aspects, and players getting better gear with fewer scrap drops—and even a seasonal delay can’t stop the hype.

With every new season, Blizzard’s developers seem to be considering Diablo players’ feedback, implementing valid suggestions, improving on the things that worked well from previous seasons and getting rid of the things that flopped. Their work seems to be continuing to trend in the right direction, with new news from the dev’s Campfire Chat today, on March 20, sparking fresh hopes in a community that has been waning in recent months.

Before and after affixes for a tempered item in Diablo 4 season 4
There’s a new Affix Tempering system arriving in Diablo 4 Season Four. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Blizzard (Twitch)

This may be a little surprising given the Diablo player base has been incredibly vocal about its disappointment with the ARPG since it launched in mid-2023. However, these changes are so huge that the oft-annoyed fanbase admits they’ve even “exceeded [their] expectations.”

From the new loot qualities to more endgame content, there will be a lot of changes rolling out across the Sanctuary, and players are finally excited for the next season, especially for the new crafting items and the added Codex changes, which many believe were a “huge pain point” originally. Now in season four, we’ll be able to remove aspects without going to an Occultist and even upgrade our aspects, which is a substantial improvement for both gearing and gameplay.

These changes are so well-received that some players have even admitted they simply can’t believe that all these changes are coming and many who have been extremely pessimistic about Diablo 4 are jumping off the hate-train to play again.

There’s no denying Diablo 4 had a rough start to life, especially after Blizzard’s first seasonal release totally derailed the action RPG’s early lifespan—a move that turned most positive feedback into negative backlash—but it seems the devs are finally heading in a direction that has every player (me included) hyped to come back.

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