‘It was really cheap’: XQc’s strange laundry habit leaves streaming fans puzzled

Former Overwatch pro and current Twitch and Kick superstar xQc has admitted to buying a lot of cheap shirts instead of ever doing his laundry, and unsurprisingly the streaming world has been left shocked by the frugal but misguided approach he once took.

During his Kick livestream on March 20, xQc told viewers a story from his days playing Overwatch professionally. Apparently, he had convinced himself that buying a near-constant stream of new, inexpensive shirts was actually cheaper than doing laundry. “It was less expensive mathematically,” xQc claimed, though his justification wasn’t exactly clear. He mentioned the time saved by skipping laundry and low prices, but it seems he didn’t factor in the sheer volume of clothes he was going through, and piles started to emerge.

xQc looking flabbergasted at the camera in his streaming room.
One hundred shirts, that’s quick maths. Screenshot by Dot Esports

At this stage of the story, viewers started worrying about how xQc was disposing of his now-dirty used shirts. Thankfully, xQc assured viewers he didn’t throw away the shirts after wearing them once. “No, of course not,” he said. “I donated them away.” During the stream, xQc even went through old clips where he sported an endless collection of fresh shirts. To give xQc credit, these shirts weren’t exactly designer brands. “It was really cheap,” he confessed. “But then you just hire somebody to do the laundry. I didn’t know at the time.”

Unsurprisingly, the French-Canadian streamer is still drawing heat online for his frankly puzzling decision, with some fans declaring he will “never be an adult unfortunately” when he makes choices like these. Others called him “pretty much useless” and berated him for being “just so insanely wasteful”—even if they thought it was hilarious at the same time.

While the math in the incident remains a secret, xQc could have a point depending on how much he values his time, especially since he was also buying some of the cheapest shirts.

With xQc finally greenlighting laundry operations at his house, at least the delivery people can finally rest easy. After all, they’re now free from carrying heavy boxes of new white shirts, which included around 100 items at a time, to xQc’s doorstep.

Funnily enough, xQc launched his own clothing brand last year too.

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