We opened a box of Pokémon TCG: Temporal Forces early and got these ACE SPEC pulls

Every Pokémon TCG set has cards that are fun to pull for collectors and casual fans, and Temporal Forces achieve this by putting some fan-favorite Scarlet and Violet Pokémon in basically every pack. Whether it be Paradox Pokémon or the returning ACE SPEC Items, this follow-up set is worth grabbing.

Much like Paradox Rift, Temporal Forces focuses on introducing several new Paradox Pokémon to the TCG—specifically those that were released after Scarlet and Violet’s original release. That means Walking Wake, Iron Leaves, and every Paradox species added in The Indigo Disk DLC are all present in this set in multiple forms, such as Ultra and Special Illustration Rare variants. These will be the cards most players want to pull as the set releases on March 22. 

Just ahead of the set’s launch, The Pokémon Company provided me with a full Booster Box of Temporal Forces to crack open, though I, unfortunately, didn’t get very lucky with my Paradox pulls, as was the case in my Paradox Rift opening.

My other packs ended up being lucky, however, as I did get several nice consolation prizes that were more in line with my Pokémon 151 and Paldean Fates pulls. Here is an example of what you might see from 36 packs of Temporal Forces.

Our best pulls for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Temporal Forces

I was already stoked to open these Temporal Forces packs because it has new printings of some of my personal favorite Pokémon, including Golurk and Torterra, even if they aren’t in high rarity. And, nicely enough, I was immediately rewarded this time around with not only a Golurk in the first pack but also a Full Art Bianca’s Devotion.

Walking Wake ex and Bianca's Devotion Full Art.
Not the money cards, but close enough. Photo via Dot Esports

It isn’t the elusive Special Illustration Rare version most people are looking for but I am a sucker for Full Art Trainer cards, and this is the one I wanted the most out of the set. Unfortunately, I only pulled one other “chase” card, that being a Full Art Walking Wake ex, which is also valued much lower than its SIR counterpart—though I don’t mind too much.

Master Ball and Reboot Pod ACE SPEC cards.
Powerful tools return after over 10 years. Photo via Dot Esports

Another kind of chase card in Temporal Forces is the ACE SPEC Items, which make their return to the TCG for the first time since Plasma Blast in 2013. I pulled two of the powerful, one-per-deck Trainer cards; a Master Ball and Reboot Pod.

Illustration Rares from Temporal Forces.
Illustration Rares are always a good pull. Photo via Dot Esports

In my favorite section of recent Pokémon TCG sets, the regular Illustration Rares, I pulled an awesome Shiftry and Chatot combo in back-to-back packs, before finishing up with a Minccino and Mudsdale. Overall, I missed out on the more valuable Temporal Forces cards and a few of my personal wants like IR Metagross, Excadrill, and Grotle.

A handful of Pokemon ex pulls from Temporal Forces.
Don’t doubt the Double Rares. Photo via Dot Esports

I also got a nice selection of Pokémon ex in that Double Rare slot, including Iron Leaves, Walking Wake, Incineroar, Farigiraf, and Scovillain, which isn’t too bad considering there are so many good pulls to gun for throughout Temporal Forces and you can get all of the base game Paradox Pokémon as normal cards in this set as well, which makes for some fun Holo and Reverse Holos.

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