Pokémon Go players slam Niantic for ‘selling Pokémon,’ urge trainers not to buy Zarude tickets

The Verdant Wonders event is in full swing but it’s already hit a community roadblock: Pokémon Go players are urging others not to support the Rogue of the Jungle premium research, with many suggesting it is gatekeeping Pokémon.

Pokémon Go trainers voiced their digressions about the way Zarude’s addition to Verdant Wonders has been handled on March 21, with the biggest issues boiling down to “Niantic selling Pokémon.” The accusation comes as Rogue of the Jungle remains locked behind a $7.99 buy-in, which means you can’t get Zarude during the event without paying the cash.

Zarude and Ash in Pokemon Movie Secrets of the Jungle
It’s not all smiles. Image via Netflix

This isn’t the first time Niantic has used Special Research to release Pokémon during an event, but in the case of Zarude, it seems to have struck a nerve. One frustrated player went as far as to say this decision goes against what Pokémon stands for. “I’m surprised The Pokemon Company even allowed something like this, that tarnishes the reputation of the entire franchise,” the aggrieved Pokemon player said. “It’s not what Pokemon Go was advertised since the beginning.”

Other players also took aim at the decision, with many pointing out the price is far too high for what you’re actually getting. “10.99 CAD to do what? Get an encounter with Zarude and some filler stuff to make it look like you aren’t paying 10.99 for just an encounter.” Other players suggested future alternatives like PokeCoins to pay for event tickets instead of having to spend real money. Ultimately the consensus is if players stop supporting them, the community will then have the best chance of getting Niantic to change its ways.

With the support of the Pokémon Go community or not, Rogue of the Jungle will continue through to Monday, March 25. Fortunately, if you don’t buy the ticket there are still new Pokémon to head out and catch… just not as many as if you pony up the cash.

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