Shiny Kartana, Celesteela, and Wimpod highlight Pokémon Go’s new Sizeable Surprises event

After a few disappointing smaller events, Niantic has nailed the initial content lineup for the first event for April, confirming Shiny variants for Kartana, Celesteela, and Wimpod are all going to be available with other bonuses during Sizable Surprises.

This fresh Pokémon Go event, which is set to run from April 4 to 9, focuses mostly on Pokémon at the extreme of the size spectrum. From Joltik and Tadbulb to Alolan Exeggutor and Snorlax, Pokémon big and small will appear in the wild and in Raids throughout the event, with a boosted chance to encounter them in XXS or XXL sizings. 

A Kartana falling from the sky.
Kartana returns along with some other nice catches. Screenshot via The Pokemon Company

Shiny Wimpod will be spawning in the wild for the first time and all players will have increased odds to encounter Shiny Wailmer during event hours. “Honestly not a bad-looking event,” eager Pokemon players have declared online, with one adding: “I really like them leaning into the old shinies having their rates boosted for an event. Also curious if we’ll finally see XXS showcases. Doubtful, but this would be a great time for it…”

Shiny Kartana and Shiny Celesteela will also debut, though you can only encounter them in five-star Raids in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere respectively. This is the one complaint players have pointed out, noting the current state of Remote Raids makes region-locked event Raids or spawns seem unnecessarily limiting when it comes to featured Pokémon.

Outside that, other rare Pokémon like Tynamo, Cetoddle, and Mantine will be available as featured encounters. Mantine and Kartana specifically being available in the same event is nice for PvP players who may want to grab them for the Go Battle League.

As for other bonuses, there doesn’t appear to be any ticketed content for once this year, which should make Pokémon Go players tired of Niantic’s paid content push happy. There won’t be any event research, however, meaning you’ll have to make do with a Collection Challenge and double XP for catching Pokémon with Nice Throws or better.

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