Pokémon Go reveals new season with rampaging Ultra Beasts, return of Mega Rayquaza

Days before it begins, Niantic dropped the first teaser for Pokémon Go’s next season—Shared Skies. It wasn’t a full reveal, but it did show several key components, including the return of Mega Rayquaza after almost a year of absence.

Shared Skies will be the next Pokémon Go season, taking over for the World of Wonders on Saturday, June 1 and running through to Tuesday, Sept. 3. That’s an odd extension that carries it over the usual three months, so it may be worth keeping an eye on what Niantic has planned for August around the end of the season.

Mega Rayquaza flying in Pokemon Go.
Rayquaza returns with its Mega Evolution. Screenshot via Niantic

As many Pokémon players expected, Shared Skies will put a big focus on Ultra Beasts. The trailer shows most of the available Ultra Beasts emerging from dozens of Ultra Wormholes spread around the world—likely referencing the fact they’ll be featured in upcoming events or have increased appearances in five-star raids.

This should tie into Necrozma’s debut during Go Fest 2024, where the final Ultra Beast and its two fusion forms will be added to Pokémon Go for the first time. We just got Blacephalon, Stakataka, and Naganadel as part of the ongoing Ultra Space Wonders event, so Necrozma will round out the mysterious Alolan entities.

In addition to Ultra Beasts, Mega Rayquaza was shown streaking across the sky coated in green energy. No date was attached to the Mega Evolved Legendary’s return but when it does rejoin the Mega Raid rotation, it will be the first time since it debuted during Go Fest 2023 last August. 

We also already have the dates for the next Pokémon Go season’s Community Day events thanks to an earlier Niantic post, starting with a new Community Day on June 9 and then a Community Day Classic on June 22. A special Raid Day will run on June 29, with that featuring a yet-to-be-announced Pokémon, an unknown event will drop on July 27, and a Shadow Raid weekend is scheduled from Aug. 10.

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