Pokémon Go schedule: This week’s biggest events and bonuses (May 13 to 19, 2024)

Pokémon Go doesn’t have a lot of down weeks without new content, and this week is keeping the World of Wonders season’s final push alive heading into Go Fest 2024.

From May 13 to 19, there are two main Pokémon Go events scheduled, with one adding a free Master Ball into the game for players to collect. Along with that, you have the usual slate of seasonal content and a few smaller events or bonuses sprinkled in to add some spice. If you aren’t keeping up with the May event schedule as a whole, here’s an overview of the biggest and best content happening in Pokémon Go this week.

All Pokémon Go events, bonuses, research, raids and more: May 13 to 19

A Master Ball sitting on the edge of a desk.
Eyes on the prize. Image via Niantic

Ongoing Pokémon Go events

Event Name Event Dates Event Description
Catching Wonders Start: May 14 at 10am local time

End: May 19 at 8pm local time

An event focused on catching Pokémon and a new set of Masterwork Research featuring a Master Ball.
Bounsweet Community Day Start: May 19 at 2pm local time

End: May 19 at 5pm local time

A Community Day event focused on Bounsweet that will also debut its Shiny variant. 
Abra Spotlight Hour May 14 from 6 to 7pm local time A smaller event featuring Abra spawning more frequently. 
Tapu Fini Raid Hour May 15 from 6pm to 7pm local time A smaller event that will have more Tapu Fini five-star raids appearing.

If you want a full list of May’s events or Spotlight and Raid hours, full guides for each are available. 

Ongoing Pokémon Go content, research, and bonuses

Event Name Event Dates
Glitz and Glam Special Research A free set of Special Research you can claim to get rewards and an encounter with Diancie. A full overview of Glitz and Glam Special Research tasks and rewards is available. 
World of Wonders: Wonder Ticket Research A three-part set of paid research that is only available until the end of May. A full overview of the Wonder Ticket and its content is available.
Go Fest 2024: A Glimpse of Daylight Timed Research A limited set of Timed Research for anyone who purchased a Go Fest 2024: Global ticket before May 6. A full overview of A Glimpse of Daylight Timed Research tasks and rewards is available. 
Go Battle League Season 18 May 10 to 17 rotation: Master League and Great League Remix
May 17 to 24 rotation: Catch Cup: Little Edition and Great League Edition
Seaonal Gameplay Bonuses Boosted damage when raiding with friends. Increased XP for finishing one and three-star raids. One additional free Raid Pass from Gym Photo Discs per day. 


Raid Type Raid Boss Raid Dates
Five-star Tapu Fini (w/ Nature’s Madness) Until May 16
Five-star Regirock From May 16 to 23
Mega Raid Mega Alakazam Until May 16
Mega Raid Mega Gyarados From May 16 to 23
Shadow Raid Shadow Suicune Saturday and Sunday only. 

A full Raid guide for May and its various events is available. 

Community Corner: What you need to know

With this lineup of content we are officially in the homestretch for the World of Wonders season and on the cusp of Go Fest 2024’s first in-person events.

If you missed Niantic’s big announcement, Necrozma is going to be appearing in raids and you will be able to fuse your captured Necrozma with Solgaleo or Lunala to get Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma. New types of Energy are needed to achieve those fusions, however, which you can only get during Go Fest 2024 by finishing Special Research or beating Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma in raids. Other important Necrozma changes were also documented in a recent datamine.

On the community front, players have found one good thing about the controversial Pokémon Go avatar update and are also asking Niantic to spice up the content lineup for upcoming months. There was also a new update the broke certain parts of the game and a set of paid Field Research that only confused players interested in the rewards.

And, as always, there are more Pokémon Go promo codes and Amazon Prime Gaming Pokémon Go bundles to collect every day.

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