Big changes for Alpha Pals, bosses, and looting in Palworld’s first Xbox-synced update

Pocketpair released the major Palworld v0.2.4.0 update on May 13, introducing substantial tweaks to Alpha Pals, bosses, and looting systems. On top of that, it seems like it’s the first patch almost perfectly synced with the Xbox version.

Today’s v0.2.4.0 update launched at 11pm CT, and was then added to the Xbox version of the creature-catching game an hour later. It’s a massive change, especially since previously Xbox players had to wait days before updates hit their Palworld versions.

The player looking at the Alpha Pal version of the Beakon.
Alpha Pals should be more common now. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This time around, the wait would be even more painful, since the latest update adds a few quality-of-life changes to the game. The health of Alpha Pals has been increased, boosting their survivability in combat. Major changes were also added for bosses: The devs reduced the damage reduction rate of bosses by 18 percent.

Another tweak the Palworld community is already loving is the one regarding items and Pals dropped on death; they can now be picked up by anyone for up to 24 hours after they are dropped. It’s a substantial mechanic change since players often complained about how they couldn’t get their stuff back on public servers.

Last but not least, from now on you’ll have the chance to obtain more Alpha Pals, all thanks to a change where your Breeding Eggs can produce them after the v. update. Previously, they could be hatched only with eggs found in the wild, or received as rewards.

This list of changes for Palworld has already sparked excitement in the community. In particular, players are thankful for the Xbox update being so fast—even if it apparently launched with a few bugs, according to early responses. Nevertheless, they’re thankful the game seems synced up now. On top of that, the latest update introduced a number of QoL changes, some of which have been long-demanded by the community.

Players are now awaiting Palworld‘s huge summer update, which should be launching in the coming months. No exact date has been locked just in yet though.

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