Reliable leaker has great news for Jet Set Radio and Dragon Quest fans

A reputable leaker recently gave new information on the upcoming Jet Set Radio reboot and Dragon Quest 3 remake coming from Sega and Square Enix, respectively.

According to the May 24 leak, Jet Set Radio fans can look forward to “multiple worlds based on different cultures” and an entirely new story separate from the original 2000 game.

The leaker in question is Midori, a figure known for several accurate leaks relating to Sega and Square Enix in the past, including reliable information on Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica. The original Jet Set Radio is all about skating around Tokyo causing trouble, so the idea that the next game could push into other worlds and aesthetics is intriguing.

For Dragon Quest fans, the news is less concrete but still exciting. Midori notes in the same tweet thread that the development for the confirmed Dragon Quest 3 remake is ongoing. Midori says they also believe “there will finally be new information this year.”

The leaker also claimed multiple other Dragon Quest-related projects are in development at Square Enix right now, though they failed to comment anything meaningful on what these projects might be.

Square Enix keeps Dragon Quest fans occupied with consistent output, but the wait for Jet Set Radio fans is up to more than 20 years at this point. Anything new from the rebellious skater series is welcome at this point, and the idea that this upcoming reboot could push the boundaries is just more reason to get excited.

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