Riot shows off new LoL Mastery crests, hints at more changes following player outrage

After receiving a ton of feedback and criticism from the League of Legends player base, Riot Games has shown off some significant changes planned for the Mastery system moving forward.

First, one of the biggest changes that the developers have on the docket is updating the Mastery crest design and emote, which has been a source of many complaints from the League fan base. When the Mastery crests’ visuals were originally changed earlier this year, players were appalled by the new look and felt they were reminiscent of a “cheap mobile game.”

Planned Mastery crest changes for LoL
Sometimes, less is more. Image via Riot Games

Riot has also acknowledged that, although some of the Champion Mastery changes are looking good so far, there are a few aspects that need changing, including the appearance of the crest. Currently, the Mastery crest designs are very different from their original look, sporting a starry design with very simple, modernized visuals.

The upcoming changes should be much more well received since the crest still maintains the same spirit of the original design with a modernized flair instead of the cosmos-inspired crests we have today. The new crests have a similar color palette to the previous crests, while also exuding the same level of prestige as before with the golden wings at the forefront of the design.

In addition to the crest’s design, Riot will also be bringing back Challenges based on the number of Mastery Seven champions you had in your roster. This was a pretty large pain point for players who had already unlocked multiple Challenges and titles over the last several years before the Mastery system update.

Lastly, Riot will be exploring different ways for players to earn and progress their Mastery on other maps and modes away from Summoner’s Rift, which should be welcome news for League players who don’t step too far into the realm of regular games and frequent more casual modes like ARAM and Arena.

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