Fallout 76 is finally letting players fulfil all those Ghoul fantasies

Throughout the Fallout franchise, players have never been able to play as a Ghoul—but that’s all about to change in Fallout 76.

Usually, the Fallout games put you in the shoes of a Vault-dweller. There usually aren’t Ghouls in Vaults unless they’ve been compromised, so it makes sense the single-player Fallout games haven’t let you create a Ghoul character.

Now, for everyone who’s keen to become a radiation-scarred wasteland survivor, we have good news. In “early 2025,” Ghouls will become a playable option in Fallout 76.

ghoul playable timeframe fallout 76
Ghouls are coming. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Bethesda

The announcement came alongside the reveal of Skyline Valley, a new expansion coming to Fallout 76 that will expand the game substantially. Besides adding new areas to the map, quests, enemies, and a new Vault are on the way as well. Skyline Valley is set to launch tomorrow, on June 12.

The expansion was announced in the form of a video, which showcased all the additions coming to Fallout 76. In the two-minute clip, Bethesda said becoming a Ghoul will be possible, but the feature won’t be added until early 2025. We don’t know the exact release date at the time of writing.

We’ll probably see players recreating famous Ghouls from previous titles. There’s a plethora to choose from. The most notable that come to mind are the companions from Fallout 4, New Vegas, and Fallout 3: Hancock, Raul, and Charon. Plus, we’ll also see people recreating the popular Ghoul from the last few weeks, Cooper. He’s one of the three protagonists from Amazon’s Fallout show and quickly gained a massive fanbase, mostly thanks to Walton Goggins’ terrific performance.

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