Say goodbye to your wallets – Steam just announced its Summer Sale 2024

Every year, millions of PC gamers worldwide tell themselves they’ll only pick up a few games during Steam’s Summer Sale. Every year, millions of these promises are broken. Once again, the season for overspending on heavily discounted games has arrived with the announcement of Steam’s 2024 Summer Sale.

The sale was announced on X (formerly Twitter) today, boasting all of the usual trappings of Steam’s major sales. You only have a few days to save up for your yearly tithe to Gabe Newell as this announcement comes on quite short notice considering the financial hit it likely represents.

The banner for the 2024 Steam Summer Sale.
Only three days to go before it begins. Image via Valve

According to Valve, the 2024 Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 27—just three days from the time of writing—and run until July 11 for two weeks of savings. As well as the thousands of marked-down prices on offer, the sale will include a new seasonal rotation of Points Shop items (including profile badges so you can juice your Steam level), stickers, and profile items, apparently centering around a decidedly summery seagull theme.

There are going to be a lot of games on offer, but our list of recommended games to pick up during this year’s Spring Sale should just as easily check out for the Summer Sale as well. There are some real gems here that are not to be missed, from Cyberpunk 2077 to Starfield—what better way to get ready for the upcoming Shattered Space DLC? This is also a prime opportunity to clear out any personal favorites lingering on your wishlist.

Of course, you should make sure you don’t overspend while you’re at it. Gaming can be a deceptively expensive hobby, so taking measures like setting a budget or compiling a set list of games you want to pick up before going in can be very helpful to make sure Gabe doesn’t take everything you have. It may be a good thing that the sale only lasts two weeks—you can spend the rest of the summer cleaning up the backlog you’re bound to build up.

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