Sentinels beat Paper Rex at Masters Madrid, but PRX is winning the bundle war

Sentinels may have won the lower bracket battle against Paper Rex at Masters Madrid, but the team that finished second at Champions last year is winning this year’s other major competition.

While the full ranked list hasn’t been officially revealed yet, the Global Head of VALORANT Esports Leo Faria revealed at Masters Madrid the two teams at the top of the bundle sales charts. Paper Rex sits at the number one spot, with Sentinels right behind them.

“We’re going to release rankings per league very, very soon. PRX has the most popular capsule around the world, and Sentinels has the second best-performing capsule, probably thanks to all of Zellsis’ hard work.”

The order at the top could change, though, and Sentinels’ win versus Paper Rex in the Masters Madrid lower final could be what sparks that change. Sentinels’ victory earned them a rematch versus Gen.G in the grand finals, and in addition to the trophy, the lion’s share of the prize pool, and three VCT championship points, the winner of Masters Madrid gets their bundle featured in the in-game store. “We’re excited to see how that creates [more] momentum around capsules,” Faria said about the upcoming featured slot.

Despite some initial fan disappointment aimed at the player card featured in the Sentinels bundle, the champions of VCT Americas Kickoff are also leading their region in bundle sales. As Faria mentioned, recently promoted starter Zellsis has been leading the charge when it comes to promoting sales, even bringing out a custom-made flag during player introductions, imploring fans to “buy the bundle.”

While the bundles have been a “success” so far in the eyes of Riot Games leadership, it still may be some time until larger bundles, perhaps featuring a Vandal or Phantom skin, are released. “It’s a test, this is the first time we’re doing it, and we have a lot to learn. We’re gonna soon make a decision about the future of those capsules…but we probably want to reserve the most premium inventory for Champions.”

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