Brutal CS2 crash costs a spot in the PGL Copenhagen playoffs is out of the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major, falling just short of reaching playoffs after a devastating game crash cost them a crucial round in the decisive March 24 Elimination Stage match against G2.

After taking the first map of the series, map two on Inferno was as close as it could get heading into the final rounds, with VP and G2 tied at 11-11. In the 23rd round, VP managed to get the bomb planted on the B site. Tension was high as both teams were lacking on funds and two of the VP players were low on health, but as the VP captain Dzhami “Jame” Ali moved to the ideal Quad angle with his AWP, disaster enfolded.

Jame’s CS2 client suddenly crashed, forcing his character model out into the open and was immediately gunned down by a G2 player holding the angle. Without the AWP to fortify the post-plant, the VP players on low health crumbled in a 3v4 scenario, giving G2 the round and a 12-11 lead. With almost no money left over, VP went into the final round with a weak arsenal and could not manage to overcome the G2 defense, losing Inferno 13-11.

VP came out shaky on Anubis, the ensuing series decider, losing the first eight rounds of the map before eventually succumbing 13-6, ending their run at PGL Copenhagen Major.

Following the result on Inferno, PGL put out a statement saying regarding the matter, stating that “a technical malfunction occurred due to an NVIDIA driver crash, resulting in a game crash.” PGL says it is continuing its investigation into the matter. After the match, Jame didn’t put any blame on the crash during the broadcast interview, noting that VP’s other struggles during the stage and saying that G2 deserved the win.

While VP’s captain is holding his tongue, fans online are not holding back, with several users on social media saying how “ridiculous” it is that a game crash can occur on an official tournament PC in such a pivotal round.

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