VCT Masters Madrid 2024 continues to break viewership records for professional VALORANT

Over the last month, the 2024 VCT Masters tournament in Madrid has excited fans and created incredible moments that will be remembered forever, especially after etching itself into history with record-breaking viewership numbers.

With the Grand Finals between Gen.G and Sentinels reaching a peak viewership of about 1.3 million people, Masters Madrid 2024 has quickly become the most-viewed Masters tournament in VALORANT history and the fourth most-viewed VALORANT event of all-time, according to tournament viewership stats aggregate Esports Charts.

G2 Esports and Sentinels shake hands at the VCT Americas Kickoff
All smiles after a long day. Image via Marv Watson for Riot Games.

This number could even go higher as the day progresses, since this article is being published during the third map of the series, but overall, this tournament has been one of the most exciting we’ve had in recent memory.

Whether it is Sentinels’ rapid return to the top, Paper Rex’s explosive gameplay, or the fall of EMEA, this tournament has provided excitement for any type of fan. It also helps that Sentinels and Paper Rex are two of the most popular teams in the world, and they were able to zoom through the event into the top three of the standings.

The only events that have outdone Masters Madrid 2024 so far are three grand finals matchups over the last two years, including LOUD vs. Fnatic at VCT LOCK//IN in São Paulo and Paper Rex vs. Evil Geniuses at 2023 VALORANT Champions. The top viewership event still belongs to OpTic Gaming vs. LOUD at VALORANT Champions 2022, which racked up a whopping 1.5 million viewers at its peak.

Keep your eyes peeled for the true viewership number as the epic conclusion to Masters Madrid rolls forward to the end between Sentinels and Gen.G.

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